Canadian Engagements

Major Canadian Battles
of The First World War

It is my objective with this page to cover the major engagements of the Canadian forces during World War I. The exception to this will be my recounting of the "causes" of the war. I think all would agree that the roots of the hostilities rest in foreign lands and policies. Canadians dealt with the resulting tragedies for reasons of loyalty to their nation, their crown, their conscience and in some cases a misguided sense of adventure. This page is designed to honour their memory and to record and help preserve their accomplishments.

Please note that this is an on-going project and active links will appear for each of these engagements as they become completed.


1914 1915 1916 1917 1918
Causes The 2nd Ypres:
St. Julien
St. Elois Craters Vimy Ridge "Last Hundred Days"

Arras Sector
Canal Du Nord

    Mount Sorrel
Sanctuary Wood
Hill 62
    Lens & Hill 70
      11:00 am
November 11
    The Somme:
Regina Trench

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