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Highland Dance Excellence From A Dream To Reality

Highland Dance Excellence
From A Dream To Reality

Deborah Wardrope
ISBN 0-9690653-8-8
135 pages
illustrated, indexed, hard cover
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This book describes a system designed to maximise the Highland dancer's level of accomplishment. It offers Highland Dance teachers and students, as well as parents and friends a practical guide to co-ordinating the physical, psychological and motivational aspects of performing Highland Dancing. The system and techniques described in the book have equal application whether the dancer is performing in competitions, exhibitions, or just for personal pleasure. It uses a dancer-centered approach by which all students, regardless of their intrinsic abilities or current level of achievement, can pursue, and attain, their potential. The book also provides a practical explanation of the biological systems involved in the dance and an understanding of how these relate to building the strength, stamina and flexibility required by the dancer and to minimizing exposure to injuries. The book includes illustrations, specific actions which the reader can adopt in their own routines, an index and bibliography for further reading.