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A Handbook Of Traditional Scottish Dance.

A Handbook Of Traditional
Scottish Dance.

George S. Emmerson
ISBN 0-9690653-6-1
178 pages
illustrated, indexed, hard cover
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The subject of this volume is Scottish traditional dances, from the `hilt and point' ritualisticsword dance to the more familiar Highland Fling, their historical roots and associated culture. It isdirected not just towards the interests of the dancer and dance teacher but a wider audience seeking amore specific, authentic understanding of the corpus and forms of Scottish dance which have survivedinto recent times. The traditional dances of Scotland are steeped in Celtic heritage, music, character andfolklore but not entirely isolated from other European, Scandinavian and English influences. In turn, theymade their contributions to the world stage with colourful, disciplined performance standardsappreciated by casual observers and the dance connoisseur alike. As such, they have evolved into oneof the most widely recognized dance forms.