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Ivana and Joja on the south of the southern California
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San Diego
We arrivedd to San Diego from Newport Beach which is only three hour drive away, but because we were already very tired from wondering accross Southern California, we decided to sleep over one night. Of course, we went to Hilton, San Diego Resort and Beach Hotel, because Hoover's sugested that way. That is probably the best hotel in San Diego. It is not in the downtown, but who cares, we had a Mercedes, so it was better for us to  
Hilton Resort and Beach Hotel
be out of heat of the city, in the egsotic ambient. In hotel we had some problems: other guests had access to our room, but we did not, cleaning lady woke us up early in the morning... Anyways, thats how we became budys with Hilton, so he gave us complimentary accomodation in New York.
San Diego is one of the nicest places we went. We enjoyed 100%, even we stayed short period of time, even we were tired and even we were not so ready (as we were for some other trips). For each trip you should read something like Fromer or Fodor, but foor San Diego is enough to visit Locals Guide to San Diego
Probably the greates, and for sure the best known attraction in San Diego is zoo. There is a Sea World in San Diego and military harbour with carriers and bridge and beaches, but animals are number one.
Near San Diego, little north, is La Jolla, which is small town on the beach. It is close to the University of California San Diego and looks very attractive with many resourants and butiques. Greatest attraction are lime stones on the beach and have stange shape. 

They had been carved by the waves of the Pacific Ocean for many years.


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