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Ivana and Joja on the trip accross New York state
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New York, New York...
Karta Menhetna Broadway: Ivana Broadwey

Because we were in Hilton, which is ten steps from Broadway, it was normal that Broadway was our first destination and favourite street for a stroll: both up and down.

In New York we were for the Labour Day (the first weekend in September), and not the one in May, because Labor Day in North America is at fall. Not in the spring, as it is around the world.
From the first to the last moment, it was very exotic. For egsample, in the first half hour of our presence in New York City, we were helpesly stucked in the traffic, Ivana found the condom in the taxi... After that, we did not touch anything around and we avoided snooping around too much.
The first two days we spent in the New York Hilton Hotel on 42nd street and 7th avenue (because we are buddies with Mr. Hilton), and then we spent one night at aunt Tanya in Queens (because we are buddies with Timotiye).
New York we walked, walked and walked, we used subway a litlle, we used bus once and once we drove (thanks to Timotiye).
Central Park: Ivana
Central Park

Antoher favourite place for walking: especialy if weather is nice and day is good. Third day of uur stay, we walked around 22km (15 miles), and most of it in Central Park.

Central Park: Ivana&Joja
Lower Manhatan
Twin Towers: Ivana&Joja
Lower part of the Manhatan is downtown with New York Stock Exchange and World Trade center. From the lowest point of Manhatan, you ca take cruise around Manhetan or to the island where Statue of Liberty is.
Statue of Liberty: Ivana
Bridges of New York
United Nations: Joja
Brooklin Bridge: Ivana&Joja
Joja has to take a picture with him besides every single posible bridge. New York City is probably one of the best and most attractive places considering bridges. Bridges connect Manhatan with New Jersey, Brooklin and Queens. Brooklin Bridge: Ivana&Joja

Buffalo: Ivana&Joja
To Buffalo, of course we went with Bucalovic family, because they are very familiar with the region. Because the impression they left on us, we decided to baptise them into the Buffalovics. When streets and cities can change names, why neighbourghs couldn't. Buffalo: Zoka,Bane&Ivana

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