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NZ 067E 02 Soul Spring Night 12" $9.99
NZ 067G 02 Soul Spring Night CDS $9.99

4 mixes of European-style melodic trance track from Japan's Yosihumi Niinuma (aka Sympathy Nervous and Dr Numa).
UL 005E 02 Soul Kinky Love 12" Sold Out

NZ 009E Amazone Are You Invisible 12" $9.99
NZ 009G Amazone Are You Invisible CDS $9.99

2 mixes of title cut with a down tempo syncopated rhythm: "Dubtech Mix" and "Industrial Mix". Plus "Sangel" (chilled techno-breaks).
NZ 019A Amazone Demon LP $16.99
NZ 019B Amazone Demon CD $17.99

Under-rated album from Dutch duo from Swains. Highlights: "When Demons Come" with a moody build-up and scary voice samples; and "The 4 Horsemen" which features throbbing analogue synth sounds, funky drumming and those popular beats from Renegade Soundwave's "Cocaine Sex". CD version with three extra tracks.
NZ 033E Amazone Demons Remixes 12" $9.99
NZ 033G Amazone Demons Remixes CDS $9.99

4 banging club mixes of haunting track from Demon album: "What do you see when the demons come?" Plus "Rough Trancelation (Live Mix)".
NZ048E Astralogica s/t 12" $9.99
12"-only EP of early PWOG-style techno featuring 4 tracks. Features tracks also on Natural Born Techno 3 and 4 cd compilations.
NZ 036B Black Lung Depopulation Bomb CD Sold Out
NZ 036H Black Lung Depopulation Bomb DLP $20.99

Cool techno from Australian David Thrussell (from Snog and Soma) who's genocidal concept moves from Autechre-style moody ambient-techno ("The Unreality Industry") to Detroit-styled ("The More Confusion...The More Profit") to industrial noise-edged hardcore ("Joyful Slaughter"). Booklet features US government memo predicting Aids in 1969!
NZ 046C Black Lung The More Confusion..The More... MLP $14.99
NZ 046D Black Lung The More Confusion..The MCD Sold Out

Mini-album of remixes of tracks from the Depopulation Bomb album. Featuring the original and "Deviant Creation" mixes of the acid-ish title track. Also the exclusive 14 minute track "Subservient" and 3 mixes of "Eugenics" (including the industrial hip hop "First Movement" and ambient "Third Movement").
NZ 062B Black Lung Disinformation Plague CD $17.99
NZ 062A Black Lung Disinformation Plague LP Sold Out

2nd Nova Zembla full-length release of noise-edged techno and acid, aimed at the ruling elite and their plans for controlling the average citizen. Free your mind and your 303 will follow.
NZ 007B Brain Pilot Brain Pilot CD Sold Out
NZ 007H Brain Pilot Brain Pilot DLP $25.99

Belgium's Van Elsen brothers Stefan and Dimitri (who previously recorded as Trans4M) now producing warm Detroit-styled techno ala Kenny Larkin. Check out the Timothy Leary-sampling "Feel Real Good" and the glowing "EEG" for the Brain Pilot take on Detroit's intelligent sound. The CD features exclusively the great ambient bonus track "Matrix".
NZ 037A Brain Pilot Mind Fuel LP $16.99
NZ 037B Brain Pilot Mind Fuel CD $17.99

2nd album of Detroit-styled intelligent techno consisting of analogue synths and dreamy moods. Best tracks "Equilibrate", "Serotonine Flow" and "Brainsine". Don't tell British Petroleum about the new BP logo.
NZ 043D Brain Pilot Illegal Entry MCD $14.99
5 track mini-lp finding Brain Pilot getting into a darker, Autechre-styled sound of moody chords, spacious synth backgrounds and Detroit techno rhythms. Best track: "Wet Wired".
NZ 044B Brain Pilot Interface 3.0 CD $17.99
Full-length release in their new darker style in the mode of Autechre and CJ Bolland. With alternate mix of "Wet Wired (First Wiring)" and ambient moments "Trepan Dormant".
NZ 076A Bulbawee Bulbawee LP Sold Out
NZ 076B Bulbawee Bulbawee CD $17.99

French duo into fast paced melodic trance-techno. CD features 4 extra tracks.
NZ 083G Clutch Assembly Stumbo CDS $9.99
NZ 083E Clutch Assembly Hard On 12" $9.99

Belgian duo into techno and techno-house. The CD features the exclusive title track - a techno cover of the Wiseblood tune (written by Foetus and Roli Mosimann). Also includes: CJ Bolland-styled techno "Wintermute", techno-house-breaks "Eurocrat" and on the 12"-only "I Know What I Want".
NZ 049E Delta Plan Bug CDS $9.99
NZ 049G Delta Plan Bug 12" $9.99

Impressive debut from French quartet into hard dancefloor techno. 4 long, exclusive tracks including the 12m abstract electronic piece "Fluiid's".
NZ 055A Delta Plan Delible LP $16.99
NZ 055B Delta Plan Delible CD $17.99

Debut album from French hard techno group featuring the minimal Plastikman-styled tracks "Full Moon" and "Zniavre". CD with bonus ambient-drone track "Plan Station". Delible was ranked #1 in an Italia Underground Network chart and was album of the month in UK Bassline, New Life, Raveline and Immerse magazines.
NZ 077E Delta Plan Tested 12" Sold Out
NZ 078E Delta Plan Treatment 12" Sold Out

NZ 028E Elysium Project One 12" $9.99
Hit debut trance single including the original mix of "Interpretation Of Dreams" featuring a sample of Tibetan chant; the Harthouse-styled "Subconsciousness" and 2 others.
NZ 039B Elysium Dance For the Celestial Beings CD $17.99
NZ 039H Elysium Dance For the Celestial Being DLP $20.99

Classic Goa-trance from Denmark. Best tracks: "Elysium" and "Dance For The Celestial Beings". 2LP features extra track: the original mix of the hit "Master of the Rainforest".
NZ 058E Elysium Masters Of the Rainforest 12" Sold Out
NZ 058G Elysium Masters Of the Rainforest CDS $9.99

Dramatic Goa classic with Middle Eastern vocal sample. Both formats feature "Electric Nature Remix" of the title track. CD features the 4 tracks from the Project One 12".
NZ 045E Elysium vs W.O.R.M. s/t 12" $9.99
Vinyl-only 2 track trance collaboration between Elysium and Self-Transforming Machine Elves member W.O.R.M.. Features "Yemaya" from Natural Born Techno 5 compilation, a New Beat-ish trance track featuring World music samples. Also "Xanuba" with choir-type vocal backing and Middle Eastern violin.
NZ 075B Low Tech Heroes Low Tech Heroes CD $17.99
European trio with a great hybrid techno sound using dubby hip hop beats and World vocal samples/instruments. 70 m long and as good as anything on the Nation label.
NZ 003E Lumukanda Red, Black and Mellow 12" $9.99
NZ 003G Lumukanda Red, Black and Mellow CDS $9.99

3 outstanding techno tracks from Australia's Psy Harmonics label, featuring didgeridoo on the dark, atmospheric title track.
NZ 004A Lumukanda Araglin LP $16.99
NZ 004B Lumukanda Araglin CD $17.99

Creative debut album with 2 extra tracks on the CD and a different mixes of "Red, Black and Mellow" and "Triad 3". The track "Dance of the Pink Elephants" gets into Eno/Hassell territory with a background horn drone and tribal rhythms.
NZ 017E Lumukanda Everything Must Go 12" $9.99
NZ 017G Lumukanda Everything Must Go CDS $9.99

4 track EP with of 'illuminated' Australian techno including the quirky "Mooove".
NZ 053E MDA Analog Pride 12" $9.99
NZ 053G MDA Analog Pride CDS $9.99

Detroit-styled techno from Canadian producer, Colin McGraw.
2 mixes each of smooth, melodic title track and "Planet Of Origin".
NZ 061B MDA Analog MDA Analog CD $17.99
NZ 061H MDA Analog MDA Analog DLP $20.99

Debut full-length of Detroit-influenced techno, including the acid track "That Was Throb, This Is Limb" and the ambient "Rainful Memories".
NZ 015E Paranonia Low Intensity 12" $9.99
NZ 015G Paranonia Low Intensity CDS $9.99

Chill out techno on title track and "Ocean". Also includes ambient-trance cuts "Phobia" and "Ice Scape".
NZ 021A Paranonia s/t LP $16.99
NZ 021B Paranonia s/t CD $17.99

Chilled techno release from England's Pat Aston, who's sound is contemporary with discs from the Ntone, Fax and Beyond labels. Combines ambient-trance and dubby basslines.
NZ 008B PHI Sound Is Sound CD $17.99
Duo from Holland into moody ambience ("Dans Mon Lit", "Ghost"), PWOG/Exquisite Corpse-style techno ("Stealth") and chilled breaks ("Poseidon").
NZ 063E Save A Prayer Sgowma 12" $9.99
NZ 063G Save A Prayer Sgowma CDS $9.99

European-styled trance from Japan. Both formats feature seven mixes of title track based on a choral-synth motif. Plus exclusive track "Siafu".
NZ 054B Save A Prayer Red Moon CD $17.99
NZ 054H Save A Prayer Red Moon DLP $20.99

1st full-length release from Japanese duo into banging beats and melodic trance.
NZ 025A Self Transforming Machine Elves Bitone LP $16.99
NZ 025B Self Transforming Machine Elves Bitone CD $17.99

Very good album of trippy ambience and chilled grooves. The highlights include the great bonus track on CD "Plateau" - a space-y jazzy hip hop track with duelling trumpets and a sinuous flute-y synth melody; "Kansas" - a mellow tabla groove with psychedelic synths; and "OK That's It" - dub bassline, flute and violin. CD with 4 extra tracks.
NZ 031E Self Transforming Machine Elves Steve's Green Thing 12" $9.99
NZ 031G Self Transforming Machine Elves Steve's Green Thing CDS $9.99

3 exclusive tracks of chilled techno, plus cut from Bitone album.
NZ 057B S.T.M.E. Ghostfish CD $17.99
Excellent 2nd full length release with new influence from drum and bass ("K.O." and the World music-sampling "Tahiti"). These guys do it all - space-y ambience, analogue techno and tribal drumming.
NZ 072E S.T.M.E. D+B 12" $9.99
12"-only release with 3 jungle tracks including the exclusive 10m cut "14141" plus 2 from the Ghostfish CD: "K.O." and "Tahiti" (a great psychedelic drum and bass track with World vocals).
NZ 013B Shaolin Wooden Men Shaolin Wooden Men CD $17.99
NZ 013J Shaolin Wooden Men Shaolin Wooden Men 2x12" $18.99

Cool mutant techno from Neo-Tokyo (via Australia's Psy Harmonics crew). With techno-breaks hit "Ohar" and a kicking Public Enemy sample in "Technique I Follow".
NZ 026E Shaolin Wooden Men Ohar 12" $9.99
NZ 026G Shaolin Wooden Men Ohar CDS $9.99

4 mixes of hit track including techno-house version "Forest Has A Mouth Mix".
NZ 038A Shaolin Wooden Men The Hungry Forest LP $16.99
NZ 038B Shaolin Wooden Men The Hungry Forest CD $17.99

Great 2nd album with avant-Detroit influences: "We Are Sound", "Baba Louie" and "Windscreen Wiper".
NZ 016B Starfish Pool Chill Out 'n Confused CD $17.99
61 minute chill-out album from Koen Lybaert and friends, previously known as Starfish Enterprises. Features synths, percussion, bells, Indian flute/horn, bagpipe, digeridoo and environmental sounds.
NZ 027E Starfish Pool EP1 Restless 12" $9.99
Vinyl-only techno EP with the long track "Restless" which starts quiet and builds up in intensity over a background drone; "Mountain Land" with frequency oscillations; and "O.D. Offday" early version of hit track featuring road drill-type sounds and drones.
NZ 029E Starfish Pool EP2 Cool For Lovers 12" $9.99
12"-only chill out techno EP with "Cool For Lovers", "Interval 0.1", "0.2", "0.21", "Unnatural" and "Timeline".
NZ 032E Starfish Pool EP3 Offday Remixes 12" $9.99
Vinyl release featuring the 2 mixes of the title track by Tim Freeman (aka Dogon). Also includes the exclusive tracks "Control" with a EBM-ish rhythm loop, "Tag" a phasing house track, and Reptilion" a short extro of experimental tones.
NZ 034B Starfish Pool Amplified Tones CD $17.99
NZ 034A Starfish Pool Amplified Tones 2LP Sold Out

A transitional release for Koen Lybaert between his early chill out and his later minimal techno productions. Features minimalist-ambient-techno, dark drones and chilled breaks ("Doubt"). 4 exclusive tracks to each format.
NZ 056A Starfish Pool Interference '96 LP Sold Out
NZ 056B Starfish Pool Interference '96 CD $17.99

Banging minimalist techno. Features two mixes of the hit "Offday" by PWOG engineer Tim Freeman.
NZ 012B Starseed Transmission Metamorphic Illumination CD $17.99
4 long Tangerine Dream-styled electronic/chill out tracks from Zen Paradox's Steven Law.
NZ 066E Swirl Move Up 12" $9.99
NZ 066G Swirl Move Up CDS $9.99

Kicking techno-house track from Belgian duo featuring Tom De Neef (aka Plastika) in 4 mixes, including 2 big remixes by European star Frank DeWulf (the techno-house "Remix" and the clubby "Tribal Mix").
NZ 060B Sympathy Nervous Sympathy Nervous CD $17.99
NZ 060H Sympathy Nervous Sympathy Nervous LP $16.99

First techno project from Japan's Yosihumi Niinuma (aka 02 Soul and Dr Numa) into hard, banging techno with rave and acid elements. Includes the outstanding tracks "Civil Minimum", "Emergence #5" and the house-y breaks on "Hunger for Pain".
NZ 059E Sympathy Nervous Emergence 12" $9.99
NZ 059G Sympathy Nervous Emergence CDS $9.99

Dancefloor techno-house track in 3 mixes; plus "Jerrybuilding".
NZ 073E Sympathy Nervous Fatty Parasite 12" Sold Out
NZ 073G Sympathy Nervous Fatty Parasite CDS $9.99

4 exclusive tracks with a new complexity from samples of music and sound effects. Includes 2 mixes of title track: "Original" with hard beats combined with noise loops and electro-ish bass tones; and the "Carnival Remix" with breaks and hip-hop styled samples! Also features "Yasha's Street" and "Count Me In".
NZ 074A Sympathy Nervous Therapeutic Writing LP $16.99
NZ 074B Sympathy Nervous Therapeutic Writing CD $17.99

2nd full length release continues his new sounds heard on the Fatty Parasite single that combine more styles and samples to his raving techno. CD with one extra track.
NZ 002A Telo Eternal Thoughts LP $16.99
NZ 002B Telo Eternal Thoughts CD $17.99

Debut for Greek producer Nicolas Teloglu who has a sound like Sven Vath and PWOG.
NZ 006C Telo Ritual Debate MLP $14.99
NZ 006D Telo Ritual Debate MCD $14.99

2nd release from Greek techno producer. Best tracks: the Orbital-ish "Molecular Pause", the Steve Reich-styled "Nightmare In Cairo" and the melancholy "Remembrance".
NZ 020E Third Eye New Life Remix 12" $9.99
NZ 020G Third Eye New Life Remix CDS $9.99

Third Eye is the Goa trance project of Australia's Ollie Olsen, who in the past has made dance-pop as Max Q (with INXS' Micheal Hutchence RIP). This single features three mixes of a track from his Dance Of Creation CD/LP, including a club-oriented remix by Eddie De Clerq. The Gaia-minded track explains the Earth Mother spirituality of the Goa scene in a pleasant piano/synth/female spoken word setting in the style of the neoclassical trance of Sven Vath.
NZ 023A Third Eye Dance of Creation LP $16.99
NZ 023B Third Eye Dance of Creation CD $17.99

A fantastic Goa album celebrating the Buddhist cycle of death and rebirth with a joyous sequence of tracks that utilise the non-electronic sounds of female vocals, piano, harmonica and Tibetan chant and ritual instruments ("Heaven Transmission" exclusive to CD). The dynamic flow of mellow and upbeat tracks features the single "New Life", the neoclassical piano piece "Towards The Still Point" and the exciting title track. A classic in the genre.
NZ 024A Third Eye Ancient Future LP $16.99
NZ 024B Third Eye Ancient Future CD $17.99

Australia's Ollie Olsen and his partner Simon Polinksi get darker than their Goa-trance material on this great album of mysterious-sounding techno-rave tracks for the dancefloor. Samples of vocal chants swirl around tense programmed beats and atmospheric analogue synth oscillations. Fans of Coil's dance tune "The Snow" will dig the other-worldly sounds of "Think" and "There Is Nowhere To Go But There". Ancient Future also features the orchestra-sampling dark ambient track "Sea Of Tranquility", the ambient-trance cut "Chemical Angels" and the Philip Glass-styled trance of "You Know".
NZ 040C Urawa (A Dog Called Demolition) MLP Sold Out
NZ 040D Urawa (A Dog Called Demolition) MCD $14.99

Xingu Hill's John Sellekaers and collaborator Olivier Moreau combine for a mini-album project dedicated to William Burroughs' Dr Benway character. Urawa's sound is a subterranean atmosphere of weird pulses and alarm beeps with rhythms from acid-techno ("Assembly"), CJ Bolland-styled kick drums ("Kendi") and LFO-type Morse code melodies ("Silo"). Experimental and claustrophobic (A Dog Called Demolition) will appeal to those into adventurous music.
NZ 069B W.O.R.M. Agogo CD $17.99
NZ 069H W.O.R.M. Agogo DLPSold Out

S.T.M.E. member Stefan Osadzinski doing trance that features World vocals bytes. CD with three extra tracks.
NZ 035B Xingu Hill Maps of the Impossible CD $17.99
NZ 035H Xingu Hill Maps of the Impossible DLP $20.99

Excellent debut album of ambient-techno and ambient-dub. Best tracks: "Sungate" tribal rhythms and trippy World vocal; and "Temple" ambient-dub with Arabic chant.
NZ 068A Xingu Hill (Fiction) LP $16.99
NZ 068B Xingu Hill (Fiction) CD $17.99

2nd album now featuring acid-trance amidst the moody ambience. Best tracks: "Technicolor" and "Anomaly".
NZ 081B Xingu Hill Relay CD $17.99
Relay is a continuation of the Xingu Hill musical development. Xingu Hill's current sound now reminds of the Autechre tracks that aren't influenced by hip hop, although the police-radio-sampling track "Newshounds" could probably be pitched-up for that heavy electro-vibe. "Shockwave" leads off with a solid bass kick, machine-like counter-rhythms and menacing ambience. The drums are hard while the synth backing is still dark and full of surprises.
NZ 001B Zen Paradox Eternal Brainwave CD $17.99
NZ 001H Zen Paradox Eternal Brainwave DLP $20.99

Nova Zembla's first release was this debut, licensed from Australia's Psy Harmonics label. Steven Law's impressive Harthouse-style trance began a long relationship with Nova Zembla. Best track: "The Light At The End...?".
NZ 005E Zen Paradox The Light at the End...? 12" Sold Out
NZ 005G Zen Paradox The Light at the End...? CDS $9.99

4 track single with exclusive dark trance tracks "Mescalito" and the orchestra/opera-sampling "Void Spirit".
NZ 011B Zen Paradox Into the Abyss CD $17.99
NZ 011J Zen Paradox Into the Abyss 2X12" $18.99

Steven Law's 2nd album gets darker and deeper while maintaining the DJ interest. Best club track "Darkwater Denizen".
NZ 014B Zen Paradox From the Shore of a Distant Land CD Sold Out
NZ 014J Zen Paradox From the Shore of a Distant Land 2x12" $18.99

3rd album of dark trance featuring increasing ambience. Features different mix of "Into The Abyss". Best track: "Dutigalla 1994".
NZ 041C Zen Paradox The Voyage MLP $14.99
NZ 041D Zen Paradox The Voyage MCD $14.99

The 4th and final trance album from Zen Paradox. Dark trance and banging techno "Mutazen". Also Sven Vath-like melodic trance "Sapphire (Deepblue Mix)". CD with exclusive track.
NZ 050E Zen Paradox Amethyst 12" $9.99
NZ 050G Zen Paradox Amethyst CDS $9.99

4 exclusive techno tracks after several trance releases. Features the quirky "Fruitcake Mix" and building acid-techno cut "Another Shade Of Purple" cut.
NZ 051B Zen Paradox Catharsis CD $17.99
NZ 051H Zen Paradox Catharsis DLP $20.99

1st album in a new direction of creative techno and techno-house tracks.
NZ 010H Various Dungeon of Delight DLP $20.99
NZ 010I Various Dungeon of Delight DCD Sold Out

Double cd compilation of Nova Zembla artists with exclusive tracks from Zen Paradox, Starseed Transmission, Shaolin Wooden Men, Paranonia and Zenith (Erik Van Wonterghem from Insekt). Also features Phi, Brain Pilot, Lumukanda and Amazone. 2LP version comes in burlap bag with a stencilled title.
NZ 071E Various Illuminate EP 12" Sold Out

Vinyl-only compilation with Riou "Base Like Kik", Sympathy Nervous "Jerry Building", Omicron "Collonization" and Delta Plan "Spherical Perspective".
NZ 030B Various Natural Born Techno CD Sold Out

NZ 042I Various Natural Born Techno 2 DCD $17.99
2CD set for-the-price-of-one with exclusive tracks from Starfish Pool, Xingu Hill / Urawa and Zenith (aka Insekt). Also released tracks by Zen Paradox, Black Lung, Third Eye, Brain Pilot, Elysium and Shaolin Wooden Men. And licensed tracks from Juan Atkins aka Model 500, Prototype 909, Secret Cinema and Mark Broom.
NZ 052B Various Natural Born Techno 3 CD $9.99
CDEP-priced compilation with exclusive tracks from Phi, Amazone and Astralogica (first time on CD). Also tracks from releases by Elysium, Sympathy Nervous, Kode IV, MDA Analog, Delta Plan and Self-Transforming Machine Elves.
NZ 070B Various Natural Born Techno 4 CD $9.99
CD-single-priced compilation with another new-to-CD track from Astralogica. Also tracks from releases by 02 Soul, Swirl, W.O.R.M., Xingu Hill, Sympathy Nervous, Delta Plan, Low Tech Heroes, Omicron, Riou and Bulbawee.
NZ 079B Various Natural Born Techno 5: Psychedelic Trance CD $9.99
This CDEP-priced collection is a great introduction to the fine trance techno artists on Nova Zembla. Includes the first appearance on CD by Elysium Vs W.O.R.M.'s "Yemaya". Also tracks from releases by Elysium, W.O.R.M., Kode IV, Bulbawee, Save A Prayer and Clutch Assembly.
NZ 080B Various Natural Born Techno 6 CD $9.99
Hard techno and acid-techno from the associated labels KK, Nova Zembla and Radical Ambient. With an exclusive track from Holland's Seiko. Also with tracks from releases by GF (aka DJ G-Force), Unit Moebius, Noshinto, Ra-X, Dr Numa, Omicron, Yellowcake, Delta Plan and Black Lung.
NZ 047H Various Zeitgeist 1: Melbourne Techno Compilation DLP $20.99
Vinyl-only compilation of producers/groups from Melbourne, Australia with Zen Paradox and others. Also features guest remix by Thomas Heckmann.
NZ 022I Various Zeitgeist 2: Australian Techno Compilation DCD $22.99
NZ 022H Various Zeitgeist 2: Australian Techno Compilation DLP $20.99

2nd compilation of Australian techno producers/groups including Black Lung and Zen Paradox's Steven Law aka Sonic Voyagers and aka Mutagenic Mind. Also features guest remix by Biochip C.
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