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Blue Eyed Christ
Cat Rapes Dog
Controlled Bleeding
Force Dimension
Frontline Assembly
Godspeed + Jetlag
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Jason Rawhead
Kode IV
Lassigue Benthaus
The Last Gang
Minister of Noise
The New Sacristy
Pearls For Swains
Philadelphia Five
Plastic Noise Experience
Politics of Experience
Sloppy Wrenchboy
Stereotaxic Device
Test Dept.
Vomito Negro

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Kode IV
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Psychick Warriors of Gaia / PWOG
Test Dept.
The Square Root of Sub
Ultimate Life Experience
Unit Moebius

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KK 082E Exquisite Corpse Strange Attractor 12" Sold Out
KK 082G Exquisite Corpse Strange Attractor CDS $9.99

1st solo single from co-founder/writer of Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia, Robert Heynen. Features an exclusive PWOG -styled track "X-Out".
KK 083A Exquisite Corpse Dream Night Dance Music LP $16.99
KK 083B Exquisite Corpse Dream Night Dance Music CD $17.99

Debut full length release which continues the mellow moments from PWOG's first album. Mixed by Tim Freeman (PWOG).
KK 092C Exquisite Corpse Reassembling Reality MLP $14.99
KK 092D Exquisite Corpse Reassembling Reality MCD $14.99

Great mini album with 4 exclusive cuts including the special track "Traditional Ties With Dreaming" which highlights spoken word about Lakota Indian beliefs.
KK 102E Exquisite Corpse Hi Fi Therapy 12" $9.99
KK 102G Exquisite Corpse Hi Fi Therapy CDS $9.99

2 exclusive tracks. Title track features sample of those Bulgarian singers.
KK 106E Exquisite Corpse Inner Rhythm 12" $9.99
KK 106G Exquisite Corpse Inner Rhythm CDS $9.99

2 exclusive mixes of their best tribal-techno track. Features popular sample of Arabic singer Dunya Yunis (first used by Eno/Byrne).
KK 107A Exquisite Corpse Inner Light LP Sold Out
KK 107B Exquisite Corpse Inner Light CD $17.99

The Shamanic tribal techno masterpiece that PWOG never made! Exquisite Corpse's great 2nd album follows up the potential of PWOG's ov Biospheres and Sacred Grooves. Includes album mix of "Inner Rhythm".
KK 116E Exquisite Corpse Between Worlds 12" $9.99
KK 116G Exquisite Corpse Between Worlds CDS $9.99

3 exclusive mixes of track from the Inner Light album. 2 mixes by Tim Freeman.
KK 125E Exquisite Corpse Kupuri / Chalice 12" $9.99
KK 125G Exquisite Corpse Kupuri / Chalice CDS $9.99

2 exclusive tracks. "Kupuri" features sitar samples. "Chalice" mixed by Tim Freeman.
KK 158E G-Force Black EP 12" $9.99
5 exclusive tracks of minimal techno-house from Belgian DJ. Includes the Jeff Mills-styled "Sick & Crazy" and the harder "Just A Try Out".
KK 159B G-Force Electronic Lesson Pt. 1 CD $17.99
Powerful minimal techno in the style of Detroit's Jeff Mills and Robert Hood. This album is full of pumping rhythms that fill out the dancefloor! Best tracks: "PN Junction", "Light Emitting Diode" and the electro-styled "Electronic Switch". The album was number one in Sven Vath's chart in the June/July issue of Groove magazine, number 4 in Hardfloor member Oliver Bondzio's list, and number 9 in the Groove Top 10. Electronic Lesson Part 1 was also voted "Techno Tip Of The Month" in Update magazine (June 97 issue) and got rave reviews in Oor, Basic Groove and Raveline.
KK 089E Kode IV Dissolve 12" $9.99
KK 089G Kode IV Dissolve CDS $9.99

4 great mixes of techno track featuring two by Vapourspace's Mark Gage (+8). "Dissolve" sounds like a PWOG track remixed by Esplendor Geometrico, with tribal drums and a cool spring-y metallic sound throughout. Mark Gage adds some live-sounding bass drums and a looped keyboard pattern on the "Jack 'n' The Basement Mix". The "Connection Dub" mix chills out with Indian vocal samples before becoming a phased-out trance track.
KK 109A Kode IV Silicon Civilization LP $16.99 One Left!
KK 109B Kode IV Silicon Civilization CD Sold Out

Techno and trance tracks including the Goa hit "Near To The Divine".
KK 120E Kode IV Faust 12" $9.99
KK 120G Kode IV Faust CDS $9.99

3 mixes including ambient-trance "Space Age Lounge Mix" by Heavenly Music Corporation (aka Kim Cascone, formerly of Silent Records).
KK 145E Kode IV Near to the Divine 12" Sold Out
KK 145G Kode IV Near to the Divine CDS $9.99

CDEP with 2 mixes of trance hit: "Official Doof Mix" and "Swami Squel Anandas' Melamix". Also 3 mixes of the pumping track "Fearless": "original", "Have No Fear Mix" and "Live Version".
KK 149B Kode IV Best of... CD $17.99
KK 149H Kode IV Best of... DLP $20.99

10 tracks featuring remixes of their industrial dance, techno and Goa singles. Includes their early hits "Possessed (Voodoo Mix)" and "Scratch Attack (Final Cut)" (an 808 and drum breaks mix done by the Detroit guys who became Underground Resistance). Also one of the Vapourspace mixes of "Dissolve" and Doof's mix of the Goa hit "Near To The Divine".
KK 128G Lassigue Bendthaus remix of Sielwolf's Beweglich Animalsch CDS $9.99
3 versions of a great Industrial-dance track from this German band including the kicking acid-trance "Sequenz 2 Mix" by Lassigue Bendthaus.
KK 115B Lassigue Bendthaus Render CD Sold Out
Real shame about this absolutely fantastic full-length release by Germany's prolific Uwe Schmidt (aka Atom Heart and many more). On Render he moves the Lassigue sound into techno, electro-dub ("Molecular Modelling") and ambient ("I'm Slowly Morphing") for a great concept on the cyber age. It's the classic album Kraftwerk should have made. Features the smoking breakbeat track "JKTV/Otaku (How Many Angels Can Dance On The Head Of A Modem?)" like his releases as Atomo Shinzo.
KK 127C Lassigue Bendthaus Render Audible (US Remixes) MLP $14.99
KK 127D Lassigue Bendthaus Render Audible (US Remixes) MCD Sold Out

Acid-techno remixes of 6 tracks from the Render CD.
KK 132E Lassigue Bendthaus Overflow Remixes 12" Sold Out
KK 132G Lassigue Bendthaus Overflow Remixes CDS $9.99

5 mixes of dancefloor techno track including 2 by LFO's Mark Bell (aka Speedjack).
KK 155E Noshinto Noshinto 12" $9.99
Belgian Patrick Stevens (Hypnoskull, Sonar) with 4 exclusive tracks of acid "Chip/S", hard techno "Nippon Amerika" and distorted rhythms "Low Fidelity Lifeform".
KK 156A Noshinto Attack of the 50ft Monogroove LP $16.99
KK 156B Noshinto Attack of the 50ft Monogroove CD $17.99

Full length release of avant techno made from left-field samples, hard beats and fucked-up breaks ("Gentlemen, The Drummer Bas"). Also elements of Coil-ish ambience "Boiling Beats" and "Nippon Midi Kristus".
KK 055E Psychick Warriors ov Gaia Exit 23 12" Sold Out
KK 055G Psychick Warriors ov Gaia Exit 23 CDS Sold Out

Awesome debut single. Trippy and tribal with spoken word sample of Timothy Leary.
KK 055Er Psychick Warriors ov Gaia Exit 23 Remix 12" $9.99
KK 055Gr Psychick Warriors ov Gaia Exit 23 Remix CDS $9.99

Awesome track gets even better with three exclusive Drum Club remixes.
KK 065A Psychick Warriors ov Gaia ov Biospheres and Sacred Grooves LP $16.99
KK 065B Psychick Warriors ov Gaia ov Biospheres and Sacred Grooves CD $17.99

Debut album of trippy atmospheres and tribal rhythms. The record that deserved all the acclaim and was a key factor in making electronic music what it is today! ov Biospheres and Sacred Grooves is one of the most important dance records of the decade. New Musical Express called it "a truly ground breaking record" and with good reason, because ov Biospheres blends tribal trance, ambient, house and techno into a mind-bending trip that takes you across the universe without ever leaving the dance floor! Features 2 extra tracks on CD.
KK 069E Psychick Warriors ov Gaia Maened 12" $9.99
KK 069G Psychick Warriors ov Gaia Maened CDS $9.99

Fantastic 2nd single with sample of Moroccan pipers from Joujouka. 3 mixes.
KK 090E Psychick Warriors ov Gaia Obsidian 12" $9.99
KK 090G Psychick Warriors ov Gaia Obsidian CDS $9.99

35 m single with 2 new mixes of tracks from their debut album including 20 minute "Deconstructure" version of title cut (featuring Timothy Leary sample) and "Challenge (Kala Mix)" . Also new version of track featured on the Electro Genetic compilation "Patience (first step)" .
KK 091E PWOG John Peel Session 12" $9.99
KK 091G PWOG John Peel Session CDS $9.99

3 exclusive tracks recorded between their 2 albums for British radio.
KK 103G Psychick Warriors ov Gaia Psychick Rhythms Vol. 1 CDS $9.99
KK 103J Psychick Warriors ov Gaia Psychick Rhythms Vol. 1 2x12" $18.99

4 minimal rhythm tracks ideal for DJ tools.
KK 117E Psychick Warriors ov Gaia Out Now! 12" $9.99
KK 117G Psychick Warriors ov Gaia Out Now! CDS $9.99

3 minimalist techno-house trax including the jazzy "SA Track 2". Plus a trippy ambient mix of their track on the Trance Europe Express 1 compilation, "Dust (At The Crossroads)". "A deep, dark workout overdubbed with suitably spooky effects. Not for consumption after dark" - NME.
KK 118B PWOG Record of Breaks CD $17.99
KK 118H PWOG Record of Breaks DLP $20.99

Their brilliant second album with the hit track "Kraak". Also chilled lounging grooves "A Kind Of Prayer", ambient "Sheap?" and short interludes of experimental ambience "Revelation A- D" (actually the sound of their computer crashing!).
KK 130E PWOG Kraak 12" $9.99
KK 130G PWOG Kraak CDS $9.99

3 mixes of the big rhythm track from Record Of Breaks album.
KK 131E PWOG Kraak Remixes 2x12" $18.99
KK 131G PWOG Kraak Remixes CDS $9.99

Hit track from Record Of Breaks album remixed by Richie Hawtin (2 versions), Coil and Mark Broom (aka Minion).
KK 153 Ra-X Ministek 12"/CDS Sold Out

KK 154B Ra-X Stekker CD $17.99
KK 154H Ra-X Stekker 2LP Sold Out

Raw noisy techno with an anti-drug message ("Pusherskum") and militant attitude ("Nuke The USA"). Not completely gabber but getting there... Acid CD Of The Month in Bassic Groove magazine (#1 1997).
KK 133E Riou To-To 12" $9.99
KK 133G Riou To-To CDS $9.99

Acclaimed debut of 4 exclusive tracks from Japanese minimalist Riou Tomita, who's into pulsing beats, droning loops and weird voice bytes.
KK 137A Riou Exhibition of the Samples LP Sold Out
KK 137B Riou Exhibition of the Samples CD $17.99 Last Few

Brilliant first album! Fantastic minimalist beats and blips backed by industrial-ambient-style loops. Best tracks "PO Box No 67", "Onoreno" and "Tel-10". Also includes the techno-house track "Buffer" and the pretty ambient track "Miss Retina".
KK 143E Riou Room For Improvement 12" $9.99
KK 143G Riou Room For Improvement CDS $9.99

5 absolutely essential tracks with backing sounds that really cut through. You need to hear "Room For Improvement", "...Me" and the hip hop breaks track "Song 3".
KK 147E Riou Biske 12" $9.99
KK 147G Riou Biske CDS $9.99

4 track single previewing the Cone of Confusion album. Includes "Ekamo" featuring more of Riou's favourite bell loops; and the ambient-breaks track "Biske".
KK 148A Riou Cone of Confusion LP $16.99
KK 148B Riou Cone of Confusion CD $17.99

2nd album of outstanding minimalism. Kicking beats and weird tones. Best tracks include "Base Like Kik", "Agnes" and "Cone Of Confusion". Also features hip hop breaks on "Beat Ion", "Teleco" and "135 Long". CD includes six more tracks than vinyl version (which has an exclusive cut "Miricle Yang").
KK 138E Riou Head Room 12" Sold Out

KK 167A Riou Pops LP $16.99
Kk 167B Riou Pops CD $17.99

1997 album from Japan's minimal king with even more stripped-down beats and experimental sounds. Best tracks "Return 1", "Visual Arts" and the house-y "Return 2". CD with four extra tracks.
KK 135E Test Dept. Totality 1 12" Sold Out
KK 135G Test Dept. Totality 1 CDS $9.99

Preview of the Totality album that moves Test Dept's percussive sound into techno and World music influences. Features 2 mixes each of "Zenergy" and the Indian-flavored "Tabla Rasa". "Zenergy" features the vocals of Katie-Jane Garside from Daisy Chainsaw.
KK 140H Test Dept. Totality DLP $20.99
KK 140B Test Dept. Totality CD $17.99

Their distinctive percussive sound with techno beats and influences from ragga rap, drum and bass and World music (India, Africa).
KK 139 Test Dept. Genius Remixes/Totality 2 12"/CDS Sold Out

KK 136B The Square Root of Sub Zong CD $17.99
Self-Transforming Machine Elves member with an electronic/chill out project sampling environmental sounds and Tibetan chant ("Panspermia"). Highlight is the deep ambient track "Aura".
KK 110E Ultimate Life Experience Escape From Noise 12" $9.99
KK 110G Ultimate Life Experience Escape From Noise CDS $9.99

English trance track in three versions, including the techno-trance-breaks mixes "Ruff Mix" and "Sleep Deprivation Mix". Engineered by Tim Freeman (PWOG).
KK 119E Ultimate Life Experience Brainscan 12" $9.99
KK 119G Ultimate Life Experience Brainscan CDS $9.99

3 mixes of the PWOG-styled percussive track engineered by Tim Freeman: "Original", "Bonus Dub" and "Only For The Headstrong".
KK 150B Unit Moebius Status CD Sold Out
KK 150H Unit Moebius Status DLP $20.99

Dutch group with releases on Disko B, Silver recordings and 14 (!) from their own Bunker label, into minimalistic acid and techno-house with distorted sounds. The highlight is the psychedelic "World Turns Round". A less aggressive, Detroit sound is heard on "Biosoft", "Ecology" and "Monitor". Vinyl features extra track "Millenium".
KK 157B Unit Moebius Work CD $17.99
KK 157H Unit Moebius Work 2LP Sold Out

Tracks from limited editions released on their own labels. 2 exclusive cuts on each format. From stripped-down drum machine rhythms to their current minimal sound. Best tracks "Radar" and the ambient-ish "Source".
KK 053B Various Crack of a Belgian Whip CD $9.99 One Left!
KK 053H Various Crack of a Belgian Whip DLP $17.99
KK 053 Various Crack of a Belgian Whip Cass $7.99

1990 compilation featuring: 2nd Communication "Ascent", Cat Rapes Dog "Madman", Dominion "Lies On The Line", Force Dimension "Tension", Insekt "Bacteria", Jah Wobble/Invaders of the Heart "Psyche", Jason Rawhead "Dead Lane", Kode IV "Work", Pearls for Swains "Cherry Black Sugar", Philadelphia Five "Watch Out", Purr "Pitbull", Smersh "Armored Man Dub", Stereotaxic Device "Lostland" and Vomito Negro "Save The World".
KK 088B Various Electro Genetic CD $17.99
1992 compilation with exclusive original mix of track by Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia "Patience", and a previously released track from Exquisite Corpse "What A Life" (from Reassembling Reality). Also includes exclusive tracks or mixes from Blue Eyed Christ "Burning Bodies", 2nd Communication "Fire", Sloppy Wrenchbody "2nd Episode", Minister Of Noise "Chasing The Flame", Insekt "Zoeloe Noizz" and Numb "Curse". Also previously released tracks from DRP "Warp", Stereotaxic Device "BPM", Kode IV "Disobey", Cat Rapes Dog "Point Of No Return" and Swains "Surely Get's Me". Booklet includes info on all the groups.
KK 018A Various KK Compilation 1992 LP $16.99
Featuring HNAS "Silvertereffekte", DDAA "Not By Shock", Smersh "Tuneless Radiator", Force Dimension "Tension", Vomito Negro "Damage Is Done", The New Sacristy "Crossfire Hurricane", Jason Rawhead "Skunk" and Politics Of Experience "Caveman".
KK 087B Various Rape the City CD $17.99

A 1993 collection of groups from Antwerp subtitled "A Cultural Decay Compilation" . Features industrial, rock, punk and alternative pop groups including: Vidna Obmana, Hybryds, Starfish Enterprises and others.
KK 142I Various Sheen: KK Compilation 2CD $17.99
2CD set for-the-price-of-one with techno tracks from the KK catalogue by Lassigue Bendthaus, Test Dept, Kode IV, Exquisite Corpse, PWOG and Riou. Also includes industrial-dance and EBM tracks from DHI, Plastic Noise Experience, Swains, Sielwolf, Numb and 2nd Communication.

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