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Below is the obsolete Logging Plan by E.B.Eddy for the years 2000 to 2005
A new one has been presented by Domtar, the company that bought out E.B.Eddy.
A copy of the new plan can be reviewed in the MNR office in Espanola or in the MNR info center in Toronto, at Bay Street and Wellesley. Click here to see my comments on that plan.

The Spanish River

Taken from the map "Spanish Forest - 2000 - 2005 Management Plan - Map 9 Information Centre Summary Stage 2" published Oct 27, 1998 by EB Eddy Forestry.

Wow! Look at the coloured areas, nearly all of it is classified as harvest area, as if they owned it! Preferred and secondary harvest area together with already logged areas make up for half the map. Its about time we stop this destruction and establish protected areas!


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EDEPlan_legend.jpg (15792 bytes)Preferred Harvest Area
Secondary Harvest Area
Tertiary Harvest Area
15 Years of Previous Logging

(the area outlined with the yellow hi-liter encloses Lake Pogomasing: the cottagers are not thrilled about the loggers coming in. My thanks to Kay Ward, who built the Pog Lake Lodge in 1948 with her husband Harry, for sending me this map) 

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Click here to display the details that the "Ontario Living Legacy (formerly "Lands for Life")"  has in store for the Spanish . There is some protection, but the upper branches will only be narrow strips of park land along the shore and the southern park pretty much neglects the left shore. If you think the plan is lacking, speak up!
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