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Example of OLL implementation: The McCrae Lake Conservation Reserve

For pictures and recent developments on the area, see: "The Bridge at McCrae Lake".

This is an example of the implementation of a protected area, according to Ontario's Living Legacy Land Use Strategy. McCrae Lake Conservation Reserve was defined in the Ontario Living Legacymccrae1.jpg (56327 bytes) document as C36. To implement this Reserve, its boundaries must be fixed and a formal plan established, all under public consultation. The interested parties are:

First Nation folks who have a land claim nearby,
environmentalists - represented by the Federation of Ontario Naturalists - (who recognize the area unique on this globe and who have worked on studies over the last 15 years to define this special area);
canoeists (the Friends of McCrae Lake, the Barrie Canoe Club, the Wilderness Canoe Association), X-Country Skiers (Five Winds X-Ski Club) and hikers - who all have used the area for decades, a wild haven less than two hours from big bad TO;
snowmobilers that have gotten funds from the provincial coffers to build more roads (and who are pretty smug at this point, as they have gotten their high-speed road and a 140ft bridge plopped into the prettiest places);
ATV users (thrilled to be able to buzz down that beautiful new road in the summer months, and oblivious to the fact that they are the major destructive threat to the ecology up there),
the local motels and restaurants (that expect new business from the increasing motorized traffic);
the township (loves the potential boost to the local economy from motorized fun in the area, but dreads to have to set up services such as garbage pick-up);
loggers, you guessed it! The company is Westwind and it is interested in the area just to the east of the conservation reserve;
hunters and trappers
the cottagers nearby
the Six Mile Lake Park, just around the corner;
the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) in Parry Sound, charged to be the steward of the land - but understaffed and underfunded, operating in a community that seeks salvation from increased snow mobile tourism
  1. The consultation announcement for the boundary definition (mailed out to stakeholders in early October 2000)
  2. Reply by the WCA on these boundaries

Note: Comments were also sent in by the Barrie Canoe club, the Friends of McCrae Lake, the Five Winds Ski Club and many concerned individuals