KK's Industrial and Rock Releases pt 2
Updated July 23rd/98

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The New Sacristy
Pearls For Swains
Philadelphia Five
Plastic Noise Experience
Politics of Experience
Sloppy Wrenchboy
Stereotaxic Device
Test Dept.
Vomito Negro

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KK 005E The New Sacristy Down Below 12" $9.99
2 tracks recorded in 1988 and produced by Luc Van Acker.
KK 030C The New Sacristy Letters to Lily MLP $14.99

KK 085B Numb s/t CD $17.99
Debut release from Vancouver's Don Gordon's industrial band. This 1992 cd release of the 1988 album release features two bonus tracks. Influences from early Skinny Puppy/FLA, Laibach, Neubauten and Killing Joke ("Two Faces"). Engineered by Anthony Valcic and David Ogilvie.
KK 094D Numb Fixate MCD $14.99
8 track release from 1994 featuring 5 studio cuts (including 4 remixes off Death On The Installment Plan and the ambient track "La Neante") and 3 live ones from shows in Rotterdam, Rome and Copenhagen. The remixes of "Right" (2 versions), "Curse" and "Headcrash" combine industrial-dance beats, metal riffs and even the odd opera sample.
KK 095B Numb Death On the Installment Plan CD Sold Out

KK 126B Numb Wasted Sky CD $17.99
3rd full-length release from 1994, and their heaviest to date: "A post-apocalyptic vision where the wreckage of minds, machines, and souls are scattered across a war zone of manipulation, fear, and loneliness. The title tracks depicts a world where technology is religion, and truth has become a form of virtual reality."
KK 146B Numb Christmeister/Bliss CD Sold Out

KK 021C Pearls For Swains The Real Rip-Off MLP $14.99
KK 021D Pearls For Swains The Real Rip-Off MCD $14.99
1989 recordings by the Dutch guys who became Swains. 6 tracks of 60/70's r/b-funk influenced songs with a rough Foetus-style edge. "Cherry Black Sugar" produced by Luc Van Acker and featuring that popular rhythm from Renegade Soundwave's "Cocaine Sex". CD features bonus remix.
KK 002E Philadelphia Five BUMP 12" $9.99
KK 002F Philadelphia Five BUMP 7" $1.99
1988 post-New Beat "borgy beats" - ie clubby electronic dance hit from Belgian duo, who were produced by Luc Van Acker. 3 tracks on 12" including "Baby Do You Wanna Bump (Rough Mix)" and the A Split Second-styled instrumental "Not Leaving Without Jerry". 2 tracks on the 7".
KK 007C Philadelphia Five Heaven MLP $14.99
6 tracks including "Heaven (edit)" and "reprise", "Bongawalk I, II", "I'm Shared" and "Watch Out".
KK 022A Philadelphia Five Trilogy LP $16.99
KK 022B Philadelphia Five Trilogy CD $17.99
1990 debut album with new tracks and remixed/re-recorded versions of the previous singles' tracks. Fun samples from porno films! CD with extra tune. 10 track cassette also available $9.99.
KK 101B Plastic Noise Experience String of Ice CD $17.99
1993 debut from German Front 242/Klinik-styled EBM duo. Features aggro cover of Bronski Beat's "Why" and remixes of the title track and "Dream Destructor".
KK 108D Plastic Noise Experience Visage de Plastique MCD $14.99
1993 release with 6 tracks and a harder sound.
KK 170B Plastic Noise Experience Rauschen CD $17.99

Plastic Noise Experience return to KK for their 5th full length release.
KK 010A Politics of Experience Gryllotalpidae LP $16.99
KK 029A Politics of Experience Politics of Experience LP $16.99

KK 032A S.T.P.O. A La Parade Des Oiseaux LP $16.99
La Societe Des Timides is the eight member Timid Society from France, and they visit The Bird Parade on this arty record. Includes illustrated lyric sheet.
KK 152 Scorn Zander LP/CD Sold Out

KK 124B Sielwolf V - Remixes CD $17.99

Remixes by Scorn's Mick Harris!
KK 128G Sielwolf Beweglich Animalsch CDS $9.99
3 versions of hard KMFDM-styled track from this German industrial band, including the kicking acid-trance "Sequenz 2 Mix" by Lassigue Bendthaus.
KK 129B Sielwolf Metastasen CD Sold Out
KK 151B Sielwolf IV CD Sold Out

KK 072A Sloppy Wrenchbody Pariah LP $16.99
KK 072B Sloppy Wrenchbody Pariah CD $17.99
1991 debut from Danish group with Meat Beat Manifesto-style hip hop beats, gruff Foetus-style vocals and Young Gods-type sampling. 9 tracks on both formats.
KK 077E Sloppy Wrenchbody Obstacle 12" $9.99
KK 077G Sloppy Wrenchbody Obstacle CDS $9.99
3 remixes and an edit of one of the better tracks from Pariah, featuring intense Young Gods-style string samples and funky electro-hip hop beats.
KK 080C Sloppy Wrenchbody Even In Hell MLP $10.99
KK 080D Sloppy Wrenchbody Even In Hell MCD $14.99
6 exclusive tracks released in 1992. The title track is their most kick-ass tune.
KK 096B Sloppy Wrenchbody 13 Moons CD $17.99
2nd full length release, from 1994.
KK 019D Smersh The Greatest Story Ever Distorted CDS $9.99
5 track, 20 minute release from the American electronic duo comparable to Severed Heads. After several years of tape releases this was their first CD. Drum machine beats, electronic noise and distorted bass tear into industrial hip hop ("Spook House") and fucktup funk ("Bootie Heaven").
KK 047A Smersh Emmanuelle Goes to Bangkok LP $16.99
KK 047B Smersh Emmanuelle Goes to Bangkok CD $17.99
11 tracks on both formats. Vocals, movie samples and guitar are added to their drum machine attack.
KK 046A Stereotaxic Device s/t LP $16.99
KK 046B Stereotaxic Device s/t CD $17.99
1990 debut for LA industrial band that became THC and Cathexis. Dark atmospheres and industrial percussion express their support of Animal rights. Their name was taken from a device that bolts onto an animal's skull during live testing! 2 bonus tracks on CD.
KK 062E Stereotaxic Device Lostland 12" $9.99
KK 062G Stereotaxic Device Lostland CDS $9.99
Title track is the best one from their debut, and this EP comes with two from their 2nd CD and one exclusive track "Stereotaxic Device".
KK 079A Stereotaxic Device 100 Percent Extinct LP $16.99
KK 079B Stereotaxic Device 100 Percent Extinct CD $17.99
1992 album with more lyrics/photos about the environment and against animal cruelty. Serious tracks with big synth chords and industrial percussion, also feature guest guitarist Jeremy Daw from Yeht Mae. 11 tracks on vinyl.
KK 057E Swains Don't Call Us 12" $9.99
KK 057G Swains Don't Call Us CDS $9.99
5 track single (4 on 12") including their cover of Sugarloaf's hit from the 70's. They groove like the Stereo MCs on 2 mixes and 2 versions of an original "We Can't Be On".
KK 060E Swains Device For Your Soul 12" $9.99
KK 060G Swains Device For Your Soul CDS $9.99
1991 single with mixes of Stereo MCs-style title track, including a space-y one by Frank DeWulf. Their "Zen Mix" features the male/female soul vocals over groovin' hip hop breaks and techno progamming. CD features exclusive "Zen Mix (Instrumental)". 12" features four cuts including 7" version" and "Stonejoy Revisited" (which is also on Electric Soul).
KK 068A Swains Electric Soul LP $16.99
KK 068B Swains Electric Soul CD $17.99
10 track debut album from 1991 that includes "Device For Your Soul", "We Can't Be On" and the "Groovy Call" mix of "Don't Call Us". Plenty of funky hip hop grooves, techno, smooth rap and soul-r/b influences.
KK 097B Swains Sonic Mind Junction CD $17.99
2nd full-length release from 1993. Their funky songs now sound bigger with the addition of Hammond organ. They come on like Sly And The Family Stone on the best track "Shining Star".
KK 112E Swains Unfulfilled Desire 12" $9.99
KK 112G Swains Unfulfilled Desire CDS $9.99
7 track CD single featuring 3 remixes of track from Sonic Mind Junction. Also features instrumental remix of "Shining Star (funkamental mix)" plus two exclusive tracks including the Hardkiss-styled "Eternal Dreams" and the CD-only funk-house cut "Crowd Experience". 12" features six tracks.
KK 135E Test Dept. Totality 1 12" Sold Out
KK 135G Test Dept. Totality 1 CDS $9.99
Preview of the Totality album that moves Test Dept's percussive sound into techno and World music influences. Featuring 2 exclusive mixes each of "Zenergy" and the Indian-flavored "Tabla Rasa". "Zenergy" features the vocals of Daisy Chainsaw's Katie-Jane Garside.
KK 139E/G Test Dept. Genius Remixes/Totality 2 12"/CDS Sold Out

KK 140H Test Dept. Totality DLP $20.99
KK 140B Test Dept. Totality CD $17.99
Their distinctive percussive sound combined with techno beats and elements from ragga rap, drum and bass, and World music (African, Indian). 14 tracks on both formats. Gatefold sleeve with vinyl.
KK 009C Vomito Negro Dare MLP $10.99
5 track debut from Klinik-style Belgian EBM duo, Gin Devo and Guy Van Mieghem.
KK 013B Vomito Negro Dare & More CD Sold Out

KK 023A Vomito Negro Shock LP $16.99
KK 023B Vomito Negro Shock CD $17.99

8 tracks on both formats including "Baby Needs Crack".
KK 033E Vomito Negro Save the World 12" $9.99
KK 033G Vomito Negro Save the World CDS $9.99
Their best tune! 3 exclusive tracks on each format. CDEP with exclusive cut "Another Forest" (12 minutes). 12" with exclusive track "Move Your Body".
KK 050A Vomito Negro Human LP $16.99
KK 050B Vomito Negro Human CD $17.99
1990 full length with tracks a bit more uptempt than previous. Best cuts are "Black Power" and "The Needle". CD features extra track "Escape".
KK 071B Vomito Negro Compiled CD $17.99

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