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I offer custom trips in the Spanish River and Temagami area: contact me by email and we can make the arrangements.


I lead canoe trips in my favorite areas. It's a chance to share in the beauty of Ontario's north, to experience quiet lakes and rushing streams, to travel age-old native paddle trail and get yourself re-connected with nature. I keep the groups small so we are easy on the environment, no more than 6 customers, and I will adjust the route and pace according to the abilities of the group. Take a look at the areas where we paddle, click here to see the map.

One Week on the Spanish River (Sorry: sold out in 2003)

Span5.jpg (164489 bytes)A one-week trip down the Spanish River. It is a wilderness river, easy to get to as it is only about 6 hours north of Toronto. The first few days we paddle through a string of 12 lakes with a petroglyph site, and boreal forests covering the hills beyond the shore. Then the river grows to reach respectable size, and the rapids become demanding, to the point that we may portage around some of them. It is a beautiful river and to see details of earlier trips on this river, click here.

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One Week in Temagami (Sorry: sold out in 2003)

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Temagami, about 6 hours north of Toronto, is an area famous for its large network of canoe trails and its old-growth forests, and compared to Algonquin Park, it is less traveled and wilder. Natives still live in their old communities and are struggling to get "title" to the land they have lived on for centuries. We will paddle past pictographs and hike in the old pine forests and you will understand why there has been such a struggle to put a stop to the expansion of logging the land. The trip is ideal for someone who seeks to paddle for nature's sake, someone who is thrilled to find trees and landmarks that bear witness to bygone days. You will enjoy not having to worry about rapids or tricky water.  Click here and take a look at a trip that I led in the Temagami area.

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