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The LaVase Portages:
A collection of pictures

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The Conservation Authority has managed to point out the significance of the LaVase route to the public at large. This map is at the parking lot beside Highway 17, at the put-in.

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lvp12.jpg (71941 bytes) In its Northern portion, the route leads through intact nature: lakes, beaver activity, swamps and forests. lvp11.jpg (163432 bytes)

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What an eager beaver left behind, and Paul, a photographer in North Bay, who knows the area and the old portages... lvp3.jpg (162709 bytes)

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There are sections which have all the characteristics of a good travel route, like this trail just north of the railway. A bit further, one clambers down to and across the railway to re-launch at the La Vase river lvp13.jpg (92304 bytes)
lvp7.jpg (185183 bytes)   ....or overgrown like these sections lvp5.jpg (256615 bytes)
lvp6.jpg (174451 bytes) Open water alternates with boggy areas and forests. lvp8.jpg (133835 bytes)

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Near the river, industry has encroached. In the left image, the original portage led along the waters edge where the quarry is now. The photo was taken from today's trail, i.e. the portage is running through the woods on the other side of the swamp now. The railway in the right picture has to be crossed before one relaunches on the La Vase river. lvp14.jpg (131880 bytes)




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