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The LaVase Portages:
LaVase River Towards Lake Nippissing



Continued from Upper Section, at the lake beside the Fabrene Plant/Pumping Station:

  1. N 46.26832°, W 79.39284 °
    Continue underneath railway bridge and two highway bridges before coming to a sharp bend to the left.
    This was the start of the third historic portage, now hidden beneath a subdivision and driving range.
    Modern travelers should keep to the river and run (high water), wade or portage the two or three shallow swifts leading to Lakeshore Drive.
  2. N 46.26312°, W 79.39522 °
    There, take out before the bridge on the left side at a small parkette and portage 190M across the road, down a steep embankment and along the left side of the rapids to a put in.
  3. N 46.26072°, W 79.39553 °
    A short distance downstream is a ledge that can be run in high water or lifted over later in the season. Immediately around the corner is another small set of rapids that can be run in high water but will require portaging throughout most of the season.
    The river now turns lazy, with cottages and homes mostly on the left shore. You nearly made: it's only another 3.5km to Lake Nipissing and the take-out in Champlain Park.
    N 5121930 m, 17 621822 m
    N 46.24199°, W 79.41986 °

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