Now in its third printing, this fully updated and revised edition is the only book in print that deals exclusively with RZM marks on metal items. This essential resource for the Third Reich collector is available once again. 

Out of print for more than six years, this sought-after reference book features:

  • Complete RZM manufacturer code lists for:

M1 (badges and metal objects)
M4 (buckles)
M5 (buttons and uniform fittings)
M7 (daggers)
M9 (tinnies)
M11 (NSDAP long service awards)
M12 (mini NSDAP long service awards)

  • Over 900 RZM codes identified
  • Almost 200 black and white photos and illustrations of both common and rare metal insignia
  • The history and function of the RZM
  • Identifying genuine and fake RZM marks
  • RZM mark variations
  • Fake insignia photo gallery
  • 100 Pages with all new digital photographs
  • Professional binding and full color covers
Spiral bound 8 x 11: $25 US
Trade Paperback 7 x 9: $30 US
Lavishly illustrated with large digital pictures and drawings on almost every page, this book is an essential part of every collector's library, whether novice or expert.
Do you know which of these 
badges should be RZM marked?

Fake SS Supporting member's badge with RZM logo added to deceive. Originals were never RZM marked.
See? You just saved $200.

2004 Golden Pheasant Press