Purple Banana (Musa velutina)

Catalog # 93 - An extremely showy plant, much like the Roman Emperor Musa, who was the first to consider the banana as an import item to ancient Rome. Since then many variety of Banana have come to the attention of the world. We offer a few select species in our catalogue, one of them the purple Banana, a dwarf specimen, but extremely ornamental. A slender trunk with the characteristic long stemmed leaves stands about 5ft.-(1.5) cm tall, with a flaming red flowering head which grows from a stem and the finger sized small velvet purple bananas grow from behind the crown. As a houseplant this species makes not only a great conversation piece but also an extremely elegant exotic feature to your home. Originally from Assam, it is one of the few species that has a chance of bearing fruit indoors. Water very regularly so that the soil is moist. Add liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks. Temperatures of 70-75 (21-24 C) are adequate. Mist every week to provide the moisture.