Emerald Ebony (Jacaranda mimosaefolia)

Catalog #29 - An extremely attractive tree with lacy bright green leaves which does exceptionally well as a houseplant. If properly maintained, this tree can grow large erect clusters of 2" (5 cm) trumpet-shaped lavender blue flowers with delicate silky petals that produce year round. As a houseplant these are graceful elegant small trees, and, given its pot size, can grow to 4ft+ indoors (25-30ft outdoors). Jacarandas are happy at normal indoor temperatures though you can stand them outdoors in the hottest periods, (75-80 F 24-27C). A good winter temperature of (60F, 15-16C) indoors will suffice. Mist the leaves every few days, and provide liquid fertilizer every two weeks from March to September. Water moderately during the winter months, providing some arteficial light, and you will have a beautiful plant all year round.