Breathe in, the air is rich, fragrant and vibrating with the true essence of life. What is it about a tropical rainforest that feels so intoxicating? It is more than stimulation of the senses; the mysterious magic goes much deeper, further back into the roots of our planet. The rainforest is the womb of life; it cradled our earliest developments and taught us the fundamentals of living and surviving.

Everyone is painfully aware of the lamentable plight of the rainforests of the world, and how we human beings are depleting it at an alarming rate, thus creating the gravest environmental dangers for us to ever face. However, thanks to many "Green" initiative groups, the message is getting across, one that must be past on through our generations. One of the many ways to help discourage carnage in the jungles, be it poaching or clear-cutting, is to offer new ideas to the people who dwell in it's borders. By encouraging the local people into utilizing the tremendous renewable resources of the jungle, such as bark, leaves, flowers, fruits, nuts, and ... seed.

In an effort to do our share, we have chosen to put seed to use. The majority of our seed listed in our catalogue comes from our 1500-acre rainforest farm in Costa Rica. We do however work with several organizations such as CATIE, the University of Heredia Botanical Institute, and University of Costa Rica Ecology Faculty, and several others via, information exchange, field research and ecological studies of over 900 species of trees. We have just started a project with the Talamancan natives of the Lower East Coast region of Costa Rica, which we hope will create new work for the locals in that area. In addition, here in Canada, we have begun projects with Coterc, (Canadian Organization for Tropical Education And Rainforest Conservation) in broadening their rainforest educational visits to classrooms to include how to grow indoor rainforest seed, And Canada Trust's "Friends of the Environment Foundation" where we supply packages of seed as gifts to new members. We also donate regularly to the following worthy ecological organizations: Worldwide Fund for Nature, Rainforest Action Network, Conservation International, and Rainforest Alliance.

To learn more about us, call (416) 767-2280 or e-mail us at rainseed@interlog.com.