Flipbook Animation and Other Ways To Make Your Cartoons Move

Written and Illustrated By Patrick Jenkins

Kids can make their own cartoon movies by making flipbooks. Only a pad of paper and a pencil are necessary. Children (ages 9 and up) can make cartoon characters seem to run, jump and fly. This book explains flipbook making step by step, with detailed illustrations by the author and flipbook examples in each corner of the book. Readers can try out moving backgrounds, changing size and other techniques of animated cartoons. This book also gives directions for building four classic animation machines: the thaumatrope, phenakistoscope, zoetrope and praxinoscope. (96 pages, black and white illustrations throughout, 8.5" X 9.5")

The English language edition of this book is out of print. You may be able to find used copies at online bookstores.

ISBN 1-55074-007-5

published 1991 by Kids Can Press, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sorry this is edition is out of print



In the U.S.A. this book was published under the title:

"Animation, How to Draw Your Own Flipbooks and Other Fun Ways To Make Cartoons Move"

ISBN 0-201-56757-1

published 1991 by the Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, U.S.A.

Sorry this is edition is out of print



This book is available in French under the title:

"Les Secrets De L'Animation et Création De Dessins Ánimés"

ISBN 2-7625-7134-0

published by Les Éditions Héritage Inc., Quebec, PQ, Canada

Available in French through your local bookstore





This book is available in Portugese under the title:

"Livros De Animação e outras maneiras de dar vide aos desenhos"


published by Gradiva Publicações, Ida., LISBOA, Portugal









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