[Note from NDA: Here is a questionnaire that I thought would be of
interest to you. Perhaps someone in your organization could fill
the questionnaire out so that your company or services could be
listed in the directory.]


An International Descriptive Guide to Telecommunications
Companies, Services, Systems, and Related Organizations
in the Field

If you would like your telecommunications company or service
considered for listing free of charge in the Telecommunications
Directory published by Gale, a division of Cengage Learning, 
please complete this questionnaire 
and return it to:

  Telecommunications Directory
  Gale Cengage Learning
  27500 Drake Rd.
  Farmington Hills, MI 48331-3535
  fax to (248) 699-8069

The Editor, Virgil Burton, may be contacted directly:

  Telephone: (248) 699-4253 
  or 800-347-4253 in Canada and the U.S.

  E-mail: Virgil.Burton@cengage.com

Part I contains questions regarding companies or organizations that
provide telecommunications related services or products and Part II
contains questions specific to the services or products offered. 

Please include any literature or other information that
might help the editors put together a more complete listing
for your organization or service.

Part I. Please tell us about your company or organization: 

1. What do you do? (Please check those boxes that describe your
type of organization, system, or service. For example, a local
exchange carrier would designate "Local Exchange Carrier".
An organization that provides consulting and educational services
would designate "Consultant" and "Training Organization".
You may amplify the indicators checked here in the

Systems or Services
[ ] Advertising/Marketing
[ ] Association
[ ] Audiotex Service
[ ] Cellular Communications
[ ] Consultant
[ ] Data Communications
[ ] E-mail Services
[ ] Facsimile Services (includes fax-on-demand, broadcast fax,
    or enhanced fax)
[ ] Internet Serviec Provider
[ ] Law Firms/Financial Organizations
[ ] Local Area Network
[ ] Local Exchange Carrier
[ ] Microwave Networking
[ ] Personal Communications
[ ] Publisher/Information Service
[ ] Regulatory/Standards Body
[ ] Research
[ ] Satellite Services
    (i.e. uplinks, downlinks, transponder leasing, etc.)
[ ] Shared Tenant Service/Teleport
[ ] Teleconferencing
    [ ] Audio Only Service
    [ ] Audio/Video Service
    [ ] Equipment Supplier
[ ] Telegram Service
[ ] Telex Service
[ ] Training Organization
[ ] Transactional Service (electronic fund transfer, home banking,
    reservations systems, interactive shopping, etc.)
[ ] Videotex/Teletext/ITV
[ ] Voice Communications
[ ] Voice Response
[ ] Other (please specify):

2. Company name and address:

3. Telephone:
   Toll-free phone (if any):
   General e-mail:
   Web site:

4. Public contact for additional information
   (name, position, unit, e-mail):
   Executive(s) in charge of unit (name, position, unit, e-mail):
   Board of Directors:

   Year founded:
5. Staff (indicate number in each category):
   Sales and Marketing:

6. Geographic Area Covered:
    SIC (Standard Industrial Classification):

7.  Trade Names:

    Principal Shareholder(s):

8. Related organizations (other sponsoring, affiliated, or
   supporting organizations - please specify relationship [i.e.,
   wholly owned subsidiary, etc.] and indicate location):
Subsidiary Companies:

Principal Bank(s):

Revenue Type (revenue, sales turnover, etc.):
Revenue Year:
Currency Type (US$, British pounds sterling, etc.):
Fiscal Year End:
Company Status (public or private):
Stock Exchange(s):
Ticker Symbol:

Part II. Please tell us about any specific telecommunications
products or services offered: (please copy this portion for
additional products.)

9. General description of major business activities:

10. Product name (particular system/service/unit):

11. General description (what is the telecommunications system or

12. Specific user applications of system/service (what is system/
service used for?):

13. Means of access (how is the system/service accessed? what
equipment is required?)

14. Geographic areas served (cities, countries, or general
geographic regions served):

15. Clientele/availability (primary types of clients; any
restrictions or limitations)

16. Rate structure (please indicate general rates, fees, or other
charges, including start-up costs if applicable):

17. Planned new services (indicate starting date; please enclose
additional information if available):

18. Publications  (periodicals, books, documentation/user aids;
please indicate title, price, frequency, and where available from);

19. Other communications services (if possible, please send
additional literature on these services for possible inclusion
in the Directory):

20. Market Positioning (please recap the main advantages and
features of your system or service):

21. Branch Information:

Please feel free to attach information on any of your products and seervices.

21. Questionnaire completed by:

(end of questionnaire)