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Real Men© 1998 Dave Hadfield

A paddler went by me last summer.
My lake it was tranquil and gloss.
I jumped up and started my jet -- ski,
And instantly showed who was boss.

Real men have jet -- skis.
Real men have quads.
Real men are true, to their ten -- grand ski doo.
If it doesn't go fast it's a fraud.]

Last winter a cross-country skier
Was taking my lake in his stride.
I jumped up and started my ski-doo,
And asked if he wanted a ride


Some mountain-bike riders were climbing,
My mountain like they'd never stop.
I jumped up and started my dirt bike,
And showed them the way to the top.


I no longer have all my bush toys.
They long since all been re-possessed.
I stay in my den and I'm happy,
'Cause TV shows all of it best.

[Chorus and End]


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