Here is the information about the two different Vitamin Z cd's I am selling for a limited time to fans of the band.  E Mail me at  and let me know which ones you want. Click here to get to the Order Form page which must be printed off,signed and filled out and sent with the payment.
RITES OF PASSAGE PLUS Buy    Limit of 1 cd per person/address
This is now an actual pressed cd, a Limited Edition of 300, all individually numbered in gold pen, click here to see a scan of the actual cd which is now completed. The artwork isn't anything fancy, a colour photocopy of the original cover plus a track listing. The cd contains a copy of the complete "Rites Of Passage" cd, plus six bonus tracks that are remixes and b-sides that were cleaned up by a professional studio engineer. The extra tracks are: Burning Flame (Extended Dance Mix), Dancers Of Eve, Circus Ring (Remix), Don't Stop (To Listen To His Music), Winds Of Change, and Burning Flame (Dub Version).

This is a CDR (recordable cd) that contains eight songs by Vitamin Z that were recorded after their "Sharp Stone Rain" cd and never released. The songs are amazing, a must for every fan of the band. These songs have been provided to my by a member of the band and I would like to send them the cash brought in after the costs are covered so they can make some money for these songs that they wrote and recorded. For that reason this limited edition CDR will cost $25 U.S. plus appropriate Air Mail shipping charges to wherever you are in the world. The artwork is a colour photocopy of something I've done up, nothing fancy. The track listing is: Angel, Ever Changing Avenues, Breakdown, Hang My Head, Ordinary Day, Over The Moon, Trying To Prove, and Welcome To Hell.
****PLEASE NOTE: I have copies of this CDR available now, so there will be no delay if you order both cds at this point.


Payment must be made by an International Money Order in U.S. funds, or U.S. cash if sent by
Registered Mail. Make them payable to Kirk Ferguson.

The RITES OF PASSAGE PLUS cd is $25 U.S. .
The UNRELEASED DEMOS cdr is $25 U.S. (proceeds to go to band members).

Air Mail shipping costs are: Within North America: $4 for one cd, $6 for two cd's
                               Outside of North America: $5 for one cd, $7 for two cd's
If you are buying more than a total of two cd's please email me for total shipping cost amounts.


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