DB Engineering is a Canadian, employee-owned firm that provides consulting and design engineering services to various industrial, commercial and institutional sectors.

The activities of the firm are carried out from its location in Mississauga, Ontario. They concentrate in the fields of engineering, energy and advanced analyses, fields that require advanced engineering skills. Low cost over-the-Internet consulting engineering services are also available.

The engineering design activity focuses both on installations/systems design and on plant engineering. As required, it can include concept and process engineering, feasibility and trade-off studies, preliminary and detailed design, project management. 

The advanced design analyses part of the activities is focused on finding solutions, optimization and troubleshooting during various phases of design of "green field" or modernization projects using state-of-the-art engineering methods and/or simulation software. The expertise of the firm is related primarily to applied fluids flow, heat transfer, materials and energy balances, dynamic simulation of processes, systems and of their controls, power/co-generation thermal cycle definition and optimization using simulations, equipment modeling. Through its network of allied companies, the services have a broader range, including civil/structural-related engineering, such as stress analyses, etc. Sensitivity analyses and cost estimating are also parts of these activities.

The energy field of activities addresses both energy management and power/co-generation/renewable energy/waste-to-energy applications. Corporation/plant energy management programs, site energy analyses, MT&F, definition and optimization of energy efficiency/recovery systems and of power/co-generation installations, steam systems optimization and efficiency increase, process engineering, feasibility studies (including cost estimates, discounted cash flow and Monte Carlo analyses), design and training/courses are an integral part of the services provided in this field.

The firm has the capability of joining forces with other reputable engineering companies to carry out highly specialized or very large and complex projects, from conception to implementation. This includes bankable feasibility studies, preliminary engineering, detailed design, project management and construction management. It can also bring into play investment bankers or, ESCO (performance contracting) type of companies that could finance the entire project and recover the costs from savings, if the project is technically and economically viable.

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On-line consulting also available using video-conference, voice and/or text chat.
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