Everything on this page was written by me, in the heyday of the machines that they were intended for.

TRS-80 Model I/III:

I got a Model I/L2 16K back at the end of 1979, and outgrew BASIC pretty fast. Since I was a teenager, it was a lot of money ($1099 Canadian), which meant a lot of hard work delivering newspapers. This explains why I never managed to get the disk subsystem for the machine. Some would say that I saved myself a lot of trouble, but the cassette drive wasn't much more cooperative...

Eventually, a relative left me a Model 3 of his (which had a disk drive), but by then I was too absorbed in the CoCo to pay much attention.

Story behind Star Spores (from memory...)

I wrote this game (a Big5-style arcade game) in 1981-2, and tried to sell it to Big5 Software. They told me that they weren't accepting games from outside authors. Around the same time, they released a game from another unknown author, and it was pretty bad indeed. Oh well.

Then, I submitted it to Adventure International and Cornsoft. Both companies kind of liked it, but wanted some changes. (I'm certain that these were done sequentially, but I can't remember the order). By the time the changes were implemented, the game market was dwindling for this machine, and they both backed out. Oh well.

Here it is, in all its glory, for the first time in public.

TRS-80 Color Computer:

Coming Soon... A game written by me that was published by Spectral Associates

Emulator utilities:

Coming Soon... I wrote some stuff while converting my Model1 tape of Star Spores to an emulator-compatible CMD file.

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