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Writing a game or demo is difficult in assembler, and as a result I never quite finished my previous game "Blox"... at least not yet.

With the release of HuC writing a game or demo has become much easier. As a proof-of-concept, I decided to write something relatively simple that demonstrates the power of the compiler.

"Flipit" will be an open-source work, with this webpage devoted to its progress. Updates will happen as frequently as possible, but due to my job (and family) this may not be very frequent.

The source code for this game is published (with considerable comments!), for the purposes of education and attracting more developers to this wonderful gaming platform. I would like to add sound effects and music eventually as well.

The target platform is a "HuCard" (ROM, not CD), so it should be playable on most emulators and even real systems with RAM-card devices.

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