Iris Light/Dutch East India/FAB

20th Century


Drum And Bass

Electronic / Experimental / Industrial

Industrial Rhythm


Trip Hop, Breaks, Dub, World-Fusion

(Very) Alternative



    Corrosion is a very good breaks-oriented mini-album (49 minute) from a British duo with 2 previous albums from Andy Weatherall's labels. Chris Mann and Paul Darking's mix of electro and dub isn't breaking any new ground, but the eight tracks are solid and should appeal to fans of FSOL, Sabres, Richard Kirk etc.
    The cd opens with "Crunch" a lumbering dub-hop behemoth with an angelic topping of voice samples. Then things mellow a bit with "Bear"'s spacey techno-reggae pace. The following atmospheric dub-hop track, "Sunday," is one of the highlights, mixing Renegade Soundwave samples (familiar yes, but this time backwards) with evocative vocal lines twinning a female chant with a male singer reciting the Koran (processed as to be not-so blasphemous).
    The following "Speech" maintains the mid-tempo vibe, mixing slow-ish hip hop beats and junglist bass distortion with Pete Namlook-type string synth chords and a less-ambient siren. Then "Big" returns the groove to the proceedings, driving a sinuous melody with throbbing bass tones and echoey breaks. "Assett" does the same with a more elegant-sounding harpsichord-type keyboard melody over funky snares and ominous bass chords. After this final track is a secret bonus cut, rounding off a worthwhile disc of cool beats and pleasing textures.