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Our congregation worshipped long before the first Anglican church was built in Bolton, served by a series of 'saddle bag' preachers who travelled on horseback to minister to Church of England families scattered through the Albion/Bolton area.  The first of these was the Rev. Adam Elliot who was appointed in 1832.   He in turn was followed  by the Rev. Henry Bath Osler.

The first church was built in 1844, a mud brick structure on the north hill on land donated by james and Ellen Bolton and Anne Stern, torn down now and marked with a cairn.  In 1848 this building was replaced by a frame structure which was used until the present church on Nancy Street  was built in 1874 on land donated by James Stork.

Several renovations and additions have taken place since those days.  In 1959 a parish hall, kitchen and offices were added.  Then in 1978 under the direction of  of the Rev. John Hill the chancel area was transformed by having the altar moved away from the wall and the organ and choir pews moved into the body of the church.

The most major renovation  occured in 1986 when, with the Rev. Douglas Stoute as our priest, we enlarged the old church, demolished the parish hall, and added a new parish hall, offices, church school rooms and kitchen.  The new building was dedicated in June 1986 by the Rt. Rev. Lewis Garnsworthy

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